Sunday, 15 August 2010

What is your comforting vice?

Hi my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to...

For a long time, television was where I found comfort and I'd watch about anything. However this comfort was usually quite short, it would only last an episode or film, so the cravings would come back every 90 minutes. 

For a time I also found cooking had a calming effect but it had a very fattening side-effect, so I had to decrease the consumption.

Now I find my soothing weakness is reading. It can also have a fattening effect as it does mean I sit around all day, but its soothing effects last longer and I can take one book after another without risks (unless I left something on the cooker and forget about it). It's also something I can smuggle around in my bag and sneak it out when I'm feeling lonely and I've gone cold turkey, without raising too many suspicions. My eReader too has proved to be very useful with this addiction as others often think I'm working.

What is your comforting vice?


  1. I suppose there's no point trying to deny that my comforting vices are Twitter and blogging. I also like talking to friends on the phone, which is what Twitter feels like a lot of the time.

  2. Definitely reading Sarah, such a wonderful vice because you can do it anywhere, any time. My other vice is one I indulged myself in this Friday when both my dear daughter and dear husband were out. I had a sofa evening - went out and bought a chilled moules mariniere (so no cooking only 6 mins in microwave) with lovely crusty roll to dip in the sauce. Horribly messy but great to stuff one's face with and not worry about having a dribbly chin, when no one else is around. Add to that a DVD of a favourite film (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), result two hours unadulterated happiness. Joy, sheer joy!

  3. Reading, detective fiction and country-type programmes on TV. But mostly books. The joy when one arrives by a favourite author is unsurpassed. Unfortunately, the evening-on-one's-own vice is something I have every evening, and it does make you inclined to get a bit sloppy! I no longer eat at the table, for instance. Does this make me a bad person?

  4. Oh, yes Twitter is my other comforting vice too Rosalind. It has a soothing effect on me too.

    Cara, I loved Stieg Larsson's books and I think the films were great too. I'm planning to watch the third one this weekend.

    Yes Lesley, a very bad person. Luckily I've seen with my own eyes that you can still behave at a table with other people!

  5. I'm trying to think of any vices, comforting or otherwise, Sarah, and nothing is coming to mind! I'm either a very good liar to myself or I'm unwittingly lying to you, the world.

    Love Daily Telegraph cryptic crosswords; love cheese.

    How dull that sounds. Must try to come up with something more glam. But, of course, if I did, I'd be consciously lying to the world, even if not to myself.

    Liz X

  6. I have so many vices it's probably the reason I don't get any of the things on my To Do list done!

    Spinning yarn is one of my comforting vices. It's relaxing in an almost hypnotic way and I'm doing something creative at the same time.

    Of course reading is one of my other vices (or should I say it's an out of control obsession). And people have been known to say I spend way too much time on Twitter and blogs, but I can't think why.

    J x

  7. Reading is a great comfort vice! I wish I could say that was mine...

    Mine's definitely TV -- in particular, property shows or reality telly! I admit it.

  8. Reading, and recently (alarmingly!) games on FB shooting objects of various sizes, shapes, and colors!

  9. I had to sneak by and check out your post, I'm doing my character blog fest today but realized I hadn't stopped by in awhile!!!

    I find reading, baths and soothing calm music to be very comforting, they can make my sorrows go away while I step out of myself and into another world for awhile!

  10. Liz, you have a cheesy problem there.
    Jude, yarn? I'd never met anyone that did that. I don't know if that would comfort me though, I'm too impatient
    Kate, why am I not surprised?
    Damyanti, ooh those games are very addictive.
    Jen, thanks for checking it out. Reading and baths I find comforting too.
    Bluestocking, I like that. I was no good with instruments. I didn't do any practising. My sister however is violinist, she got all the musical genes.

  11. Mine is dark chocolate. It's a virtue if eaten in small portions.

  12. What a great topic! :)

    My vice is watching bull riding (I still can't believe I fell in love with bull riding earlier this year... my friends think I've lost my mind). But when bull riding isn't on, I can learn about riders and bulls, and watch old footage on Youtube. Something about it takes me completely out of any of my issues and allows me to disappear into the power and drama of eight dangerous seconds.


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