Monday, 23 August 2010

Are you an eReader?

I'm delighted with my eReader. I can fit it in my bag and take it everywhere with me, and it's pink and shiny!

For some reason, I read faster on the eReader than on paper, I haven't quite worked out why. Maybe, due to my job, I've got used to reading on screen or maybe it's just that the books I read on my eReader were lighter reads.

Having an eReader means I can download books from the e-Library and I can save on postage and package expenses which get quite high when living abroad.

However, there are a few inconveniences I've found: 
  • One is when I've got to choose the next book I'm going to read and I can't remember what the books I downloaded are about. There should be a system where you can access the blurb of each book directly, or say have it after the cover page of each eBook.
  • Another is giving eBooks as a present. I tried buying a few eBooks for a friend's birthday present yesterday and I can only give them to her if her eReader is connected to my computer. Also, I can't really work out how to wrap it up.
  • And the third inconvenience I've found is getting it signed by the author!

Do you renounce eReaders or are you a technology freak like me?


  1. I'm slowly being won round to the eBook thing, although I'm not sure I will ever prefer it to the real thing. Love the idea of having a squillion books with me all the time. The point about having them signed is a good one though.

    Jury still out!

  2. I haven't made the plunge into eReaders yet, but as I'm dealing with a "too many books in the house" issue, I can see the space-saving advantages of the technology. However, I have to say that I'm still smitten with the feeling of paper, the beauty of the covers that wink at me and remind me of beloved journeys I've taken, and the weight of the words in my hands.

    So, I will one day make the switch, but I'd guess that for books by authors I love, I'll end up buying the actual books.

  3. I like technology, too. A year ago I gave away my CD player and now buy music on iTunes for my iPods. I won't get an eReader, but I don't have anything against them.

    I prefer the charming smell and friendly feel of real books! Books are so comfortable to curl up on the couch with. :) And looking at my shelves filled with books makes me so happy. I'd be really bummed if my piles of books didn't keep increasing.

    eReaders seem like a really great thing for constant travelers, like celebrities and certain jobs. That's probably the only time I'd get one. I don't see a future of constant traveling for myself, though!

  4. I don't own an e-reader and I'm not sure if I ever will. But having said that, more and more ARC are e-books and that means spending more time in front of my computer.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. I think I would need to actually try one out for an extended period of time before spilling my moolah on one...I also read on-screen all day and find that I am far too distractible when reading. But I have a feeling if someone gave me a shiny, pretty ereader (or ipad, if the gods are listening) then I would get to love it very quickly!

    C x

  6. I love my eReader, as you know. It's great for proofing my own MS, too - seeing how it reads as a real book.

    What bothers me, though, is the multiple formats. I have a Sony eReader so I can't download books from Amazon, which uses a different format. I wish they'd sort themselves out!

  7. I think like a lot of technology it's useful some times for some things. Paper books are so wonderful for reading in the bath or somewhere like the beach where you can drop them in the sand without worrying, and where I wouldn't take an expensive e-reader. But something like an ipad which slips easily into a handbag is great for carryng around an otherwise massive book. So, horses four courses.....

  8. I don't really have anything against e-readers, I just haven't had a desire to get one yet. Plus, you can't really display e-books on a bookshelf.

    Ha, the blurb thing made me chuckle. I re-read blurbs all the time! It's almost like I have to remind myself that yes, I am reading what I think I'm reading (makes no sense, I know).

  9. Technology once more is sliding ahead of me. They sound fascinating but I haven't thought of actually buying one... yet. I'm wholly impressed that you can download e-library books with such ease and, as you say, excellent if you live abroad.

  10. Hi Sarah,
    I'm somewhat of a techie (or should I say, I've recently become one). I still love flipping the pages on my books so eReader is not for me. I spend so much time in front of the computer that the last thing I want to do when I'm relaxing is read from another screen. :(
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on eReader.
    Cheers from Montreal!

  11. I have an ereader and I love it. It's great for reading on public transport, and I like knowing that I can start another book right away, even if I have no bookstore or other book sitting in my bag.

    That said, I have yet been too nervous to rely solely on my ereader on long trips! I keep thinking it'll crash and I'll be left with nothing to read.


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