Saturday, 5 November 2011

Seasonal Writing

My mood drops with the temperature as the cold seasons arrive. I only realize this when the sun comes back and the green shoots start to appear. That's when I can compare my new sunny mood to the gloomy cloud hovering above me during the winter.

I'm sure this isn't very professional, but my mood influences my writing. The story becomes darker during the overcast months and lighter as the days become brighter. In fact, it's lucky I don't write romantic comedy. The upbeat nature of the story might turn into a tragic or angry one if I haven't finished it before the leaves begin to fall.

There are many other factors that influence my writing, like tiredness, what I'm reading, what I've just learnt... I admire the writers who can sit in their writing bubble and block out the outside world while they plunge into their own imaginary one.

I do admit, however, that this is a two-way path for me. I have found that what I'm writing can influence my mood too. I've even ended up laughing as I wrote a scene, so hopefully I will be able to find a balance between my seasonal moods and what I write. Otherwise, I will have to write horror novels during the cold seasons and romantic fiction during the other half of the year.

What influences your writing?

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