About me

I'm a translator and a writer, hoping to invert the order of these two careers. I love translating, and I've been doing it for many years now, but I got to the point where I needed to prove my own creativity and that's when I decided to write.

At first I only thought of it as an escape route, I never thought I'd be able to do it, and even less that I'd take it so seriously. Now I find myself joining the Romantic Novelists' Association, going to their conferences, doing courses on Book Proposals and even writing a blog!

I've lived all my life in Spain but my English roots make me homesick for England after a time away and I miss the food and language. So what do I do when there's an ash cloud or I can't afford the flights? Go down south to the coast, home to many little sunny Englands where I can eat English breakfasts to sate my cravings and listen to the unofficial language which surreptitiously invades the restaurants.

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