Friday, 11 June 2010

Tough Challenge: Unveiling 10 Things You Never Knew

Today I’m tackling a difficult challenge Talli Roland gave me. It comes in the way of an award and I should tell you 10 things that aren’t of common knowledge. I’m too uncultured to give any exciting information you won’t know, so I’ll try to think up things you don’t know about me:

1.- I’ve got an excellent memory for useless details. I’ll remember any gossip you tell me, but will probably forget to collect my children from school.
2.- Despite having studied Business Administration before Translation I’m completely dyscalculic (learnt this word the other day) and block the moment you mention a figure. Thank goodness for mobile directories and calculators.
3.- I tune out of conversations sometimes. I can’t help it, a word triggers my imagination and off it goes, oblivious of what the other person is saying. If you ever talk to me, give me a little nudge if my eyes glaze and I’m smiling when you’ve just told me your cat fell off the roof.
4.- I think I left my energy dose at the hospital when I was born. If you mention the word sport I might walk (never run) in the opposite direction.
5.- I’ve tried all sorts of hobbies, riding, ice-skating, photography, sewing, pilates method, badminton, sailing, wine-tasting (that is a bit blurry, I wouldn’t spit after tasting)... Some of those were fun, but I’ve discovered my real passions are cooking, eating, writing, reading and watching films and TV.
6.- I speak Spanish, English, French and could get by in Germany but I’ve forgotten most of it. I tried practicing in Germany but everyone would just answer back in English and I started wondering if I was in the right country. Maybe I should try the south of Spain, I’ll have more chances of hearing German there.
7.- My best friend is called SuperLex and he’s an Oxford Dictionary. I wish I could install it on my mobile phone. He’s my faithful assistant. Thesaurus is a good friend too.
8.- Some of my favourite words are flabbergasted, dumbfounded, scarecrow and butterfly.
9.- I was told I was no good as an interpreter as my voice is so monotonous. I’d probably bore the audience to sleep. I’m very shy and I blush like a lobster when I speak to a crowd.
10.- The more I work at home, the more of a hermit I become so my addiction to twitter is increasing at terrifying paces. Do you know of any good twitter rehab centres?

Phew, that was difficult. Now I’ll pass this award to another five people:


  1. Your #3? I do the same thing. And I feel like it is getting worse. Is it because I am older and care less? My brain is more scrambled? Or my bad habits are getting worse? I don't know.

    And welcome to the hermit club. You'll never get out. ;)

  2. I'm not surprised you found that difficult. I would have done too. I love your favourite words, especially flabbergasted and scarecrow!

  3. SuperLex! Gosh, you do need to get out more!

    We can blush together at the RNA. Less than a month now! Do you have your shoes and wardrobe ready? :)

  4. Rebecca, I keep asking the same question over and over again because I don't listen to the answer.

    Rosalind. One of the most difficult parts is deciding who to send the award to. I wanted to send it to everyone with a blog I follow.

    Talli, SuperLex and I lead a very exciting life. Our relationship is based on words.
    Talk about pressure, no I keep changing my mind and using it as the perfect excuse to buy clothes.

  5. Me encantó esta entrada porque sí... así eres. No sabes la risotada que solté cuando leí el número 1. Y claro, cuando leí el 5 fue obvio entender porqué nos fue tan fácil hacernos amigas. :)

  6. It was great to get to know you better through this list. "Dyscalculic" describes me, too! In fact, when one of my kids comes to me with questions on his math homework, I just pat him on the back and wish him good luck.

    Now, questions about language arts are welcomed and encouraged...!

  7. Agh, my turn... I'll do it tomorrow, I swear. :)

    I wish I was multilingual but I don't have the patience or the memory for it! I tried to learn Japanese and French, but it didn't work out too well... Maybe I'll try again one day.

  8. GabyAV, Para ti no habrían tantas sorpresas en esta lista.

    Nicole, as a freelance translator I have to do my own VAT returns and I'm sure the tax inspector will come knocking at my door someday because I always get in a muddle.

    Amanda, I'm looking forward to reading your list. Japanese? Wasn't there anything easier?

  9. Argh, now I have to think of ten things!

    Although a lot of mine are similar to yours...

  10. 10 things? Must I keep it to just 10? It's too early in the morning here in TX to confess without proper representation (4:20 am).

    So I shall climb back into bed (number 1 covered: sleep on the left),

    pull up the covers (number 2 covered: sleep with 3 blankets despite Texas 100 heat),

    rub my husband's head (number 3 covered: his head is all prickly; tiny new hair growth post chemo)

    whisper hello to the dogs (number 4 covered: we sleep in a dog's den--Dooley snores under my side of the bed, Dusty chases bunnies from his proper bed on the proper side of the room)

    and... that leaves me 6 to dream about (up).

    Such fun. Thanks for including me Sarah. Now, not only do I need to write a recipe in 140 characters or less, I have to reveal my character to y'all.

    Coming clean later in a more decent hour. :) Allie D.


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