Friday, 4 June 2010

Age-less media

In line with a previous post on the age of our characters, I've been giving the age subject a bit of a thought lately.

I've recently met lots of different people by email, twitter and blogs. Some of these people don't show their faces and you've no idea what their age is, but we just treat each other on equal terms. In fact we tease each other without second thoughts about our ages, just the usual respect for each other.

I've watched people talk to older people, and there isn't the natural, relaxed relationship we get on the social media. That is one of the things I like about this virtual world, lots of the prejudices disappear the moment you can't actually see the person on the other side of the "line". You've got to be careful, of course, hiding behind a keyboard can make you careless and lead you to lose the customary respect, you may lose all your inhibitions.

Also, written language can lead to misinterpretations, so you've got to take extra care with your sarcasm and irony. But on the whole, it makes life so much more fun for those of us that work at home alone.
Have you made friends of all ages through Twitter or blogs?


  1. Interesting points, Sarah, and you're right. On Twitter, barriers just disappear; it's one of the reasons I love it. And yes, I have made friends with people of all ages.

  2. Good question


    I have meet people of all ages.
    At what point do people become friends?
    What makes that special people stand out
    so you can call them a friend?
    At the coffee shop people come in and wave
    calling out my name, but do they call me friend.

    Like I said GOOD QUESTION

  3. Very intelligent post!

    I've made some friends on blogs, and only one of them is my age that I know of. Everyone else is in their twenties on up into their forties!

    I can't say I lose all inhibitions online, but I do talk more openly about writing than I do away from the computer. I feel more of a sense of belonging, I guess, when I post about writing on my blog or read/comment on someone else's.

  4. Thanks Talli. I've made good friends too.

    desk49 Yes, you can get a false feeling of friendship. By knowing someone you can't say they are friends, but I think there is a moment when you can call someone your friend.

    Amanda, you have inhibitions? Only joking. Yes, I never speak about writing with my closest friends, they don't really understand what I'm talking about. It's here you feel accompanied.

  5. Good blog, Sarah!

    Yes, the social media is a great way to make friends with people of different ages. I've made friends with you, for example!

  6. Actually, Sarah, now that you mention it...
    *does a dance*


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