Thursday, 9 September 2010

Has anyone seen my brain?

A large part of me is back from holidays -in fact it's larger than it was a week ago-, but I must have left another part behind because I just can't get it to work. I've given it the order to initiate and function several times, but it just stalls and crashes on me.

Maybe it's time to change my hard drive, but I'd have to transfer so many files and images I'd be bound to lose some on the way and I've got enough problems with memory as it is, so I think I'll stick to my old one for the near future.

I just find it so easy to change from working mode to holiday mode, I can even do it in advance, but it takes me days to turn the working mode back on. So hopefully, by next week I'll be back on track. In the meantime, I'll try to get up to date on all the posts I've been missing in the blogosphere.

At least it's not the end of my holidays this year, I'm going to England at the end of September to a women's fiction writing course and I'm counting the days.

How was your summer? Are you still trying to get back into the routine?


  1. My routine hasn't had a chance to change for summer, so the only thing that differs for me is wearing some extra layers. I am sure that course will kick-start your usual writing routine, sounds fab!

  2. My routine didn't change much this summer. But I did feel rather discombobulated this week! Last weekend was so busy every day with family and friends over the Labor Day weekend. Tuesday felt like it should be Monday and I hadn't gotten much sleep the entire weekend so I was in a fog. I'm finally back on track two days later. Three days of family and friends, games and delicious food takes a lot out of you!

  3. I'm still out there in la-la land. Kids went back to school this week but I still haven't settled. So many bits and pieces to do with Embrace Books every day, and yet I still have this massive novel to finish on a deadline.

    Grr. Must. Concentrate.


  4. Still gearing up to get back to work after the summer holidays, but the sun keeps shining and distracting me.

  5. My routine now was pretty much the same as it was over summer, but I know I'll have to make some changes to it come October when I start going to college. And seeing as how it's been a long time that I've been on a long vacation, I switch from holiday mode to working mode pretty easily.

  6. Even as a non-working mum, I find the transition difficult. Better, but difficult. At least now I have time to myself - *sigh*.

  7. Meh. My summer was pretty much the same as any other time of the year!

    But I'm gearing up to go on vacation soon, very soon... in less than a week! And I SO can't wait.

  8. Snap! I think my brain is still sitting on the beach watching the tide. For the last six weeks I have been longing for the chance to write and promising myself that, as of September, things will be different. But one week in I've managed to do everything but write,I've even resorted to doing the ironing so I don't have to look at my WIP!

    Maybe we'll just have to work ourselves up to it? What do you say? Set really tiny targets and see what happens:)

  9. Yes, I'm still trying to get back into a routine but that has nothing to do with summer and everything to do with the day job. Sigh. One day I will master this time management thing. One day.

  10. Thanks Jayne, I hope it will give me a good kick too.
    Laura, I loved that word, discombobulated, I'd never heard it before.
    Jane, I think you live in la-la-la land.
    Jude, I'm glad to see you're having problems too.

  11. Amanda, I hope you can still keep the blog going when you're at college. Good luck.

    Nettie, I hope you can make the most of that time alone.

    Talli, enjoy your holidays.

    Rachel,I've started with the targets this week and it's working so far, but then two days isn't that long.

    Hannah, you should join us with the mini-targets.

  12. Even though this is a short and witty one, it is something that really sets you thinking.
    The advent of the computer has slowly dwindled the use of the brain.
    When was the last time we did some mental calculations like multiplication or division (you always tend to click on the calculator)
    When was the last time you opened the Oxford Dictionary to look up a word and its meaning and how it is actually pronounced (we rely on those red and green lines)


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