Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I Hear Thunder

There are three things I find mesmerizing and soothing but only entail watching. These are storms, the sea and fire.

It is so hot here I won't even mention fire again. Only the thought of it makes my brain steam. But it is something I could sit gazing at it for hours on end. The same goes for the sea, which I'll spend hours watching and never feel bored. There is something very relaxing about hearing the waves come and go and the sound of seagulls circling above. Even the cries of children running and playing on the beach makes me feel calm.

And as for storms, I find they're like books. They build up slowly, putting pressure on the characters and showing a grey scenario while anticipating excitement and the burst of thunder. Then, when the downpour comes and washes away all the negative emotions and the overload in the atmosphere, and lightning lights up the way for the characters, peace finally comes leaving happiness in its wake.

What do you find relaxing?


  1. It's just started to rain here. I'm relieved for the garden, but hope the weather is fine for the weekend again.

    I love a good thunder/lightening storm, especially at night.

  2. I could watch the sea for hours. Waves are mesmerising but I also love marsh land. We went to Blakeney, my favourite salt marsh area, last week and I sat watching the tidal creek filling and emptying, one hour boats were bobbing, another birds were stabbing at the mud. Wonderful.

    Storms are not good in this house as Josh-the-dog gets very agitated and consequently so do we.

  3. I find the sound of rain relaxing, although not if it goes on 24/7. I think it's the whole 'white noise' thing. That, and it means I don't have to water the garden, although if it goes on too long we have to bail out the pond. Yes, we have the world's only pond that gets 'too full'. Huh.

  4. Relaxation for me is a bike ride at night or a movie when it's raining. I could also sit on the beach for hours on end. :]

  5. I absolutely love a good thunderstorm too - the sound of rain (and the sound of the ocean)is very relaxing and soothing to me.

  6. Debs, doesn't looks as if we'll be getting any rain here for quite a long time.

    Rosalind, my dogs don't seem to care much about storms, it's the fireworks that get them going.

    Jane, we get areas in our garden that become lakes in the winter.

    Amanda, bike riding relaxing? I think I'll just join in at the movie stage.

    WritingNut, yes, much of the relaxing effect comes from the sound.

  7. I'm with you on the storms and the sea. And, a summer night in Georgia, when the heavy air smells like cooled heat and the cicadas sing, I could sit in a porch swing transfixed for hours. So peaceful.

  8. My mother was half-Lakota. She once told me that one of Crazy Horse's first name (in Lakota it is very long) was "They Say He Dreams Of Thunder."

    It struck me as a magic name back when I was a child. In fact, it still strikes me as a magic name. I gave it to my lead character in my Native American/Celtic fantasy, THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS.

    Storms are indeed magical. One called Katrina and another called Rita changed my whole life and the lives of others, Roland

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following.

  9. I really love walking through woodland, they have a strange eerie/magical quality for me but that is probably because my mum once built little houses out of moss and pebbles and told me it was where the fairies lived. Oh, and sitting amongst bluebells too. That always cheers me up/calms me down.

  10. Man, is it hot here too. We've been in triple digits (F) here in NJ forever. HOT and HUMID. (bad hair days)
    I'm in total agreement with you on the sound of the ocean and gulls. It's my happy place for sure. I love the sand in my toes. At night, the moonlight reflecting of the waves...gorgeous. Peaceful.

    Reading on the beach...perfection.

    Lovely post, Sarah.


  11. I'm like Rosalind; I like the sea. I also love the sound of the wind in the trees... I miss that!

  12. Storms and the sea -- two of my most favorite things in the world. Yes, relaxing, and yes, enthralling and hypnotic in their own ways. I love everything about both of them -- sounds, smells and sight. Beautiful.

    It's been very, very long since I've seen the ocean. I hope I can again soon. :)

  13. I'm going to go universal... water is relaxing... a nice river, the ocean, the sea, when it rains, when lightning and thunder roar across the sky, those things are relaxing and perfect for writing!

  14. Thanks for the comments everyone. It's not surprising people migrate in herds to the beach during the holidays!!


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